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Terra/Celes Switch Mod

This Mod allow Terra switched roles with Locke and Celes Switched Roles with Edgar. However,they are not the only ones who got switch in this mod.

Other Charater from several games got switched into the role of Terra,Sabin,etc. right the Mod currently being Modifed as we speak. I'll be updating this page more on the switched mod. 

New Relm?!

 this is my latest version of my mod showing Relm is all grown-up. In this Switch Mod she's 20 years old and also a blue mage like Strago.  however she gives-up her artistry skill to help a new kid name van out. 

More Come soon. 

Coming Soon...


Right now the Alpha verison is coming soon and there will be a download for anyone who wants to play it.