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a website for mods ONLY!

Welcome Final Fantasy VI Mods!

This website will dedicated to the modications of the video game: Final Fantasy VI.

  Most of these was modified for personal use ONLY.However, some of are done though modified editors,etc.

I refused to reviel how it's done or so, I'll open this website for sceenshot of my latest projects and videos of my Mods in the Final Fantasy VI. some was done though Sprite Modding if you need personal info how it's done go here to this website.

If you got any questions on my mods contact though my personal E-mail or here on Gaiaonline or On YouTube as mickichiba. I'll get to your mail as soon as I can.

More Mod News....

There's more pics of my latest mod featuring an older version of  Relm,soon to be video of the switch mod.

I'm back with new MODS!

I'm right now re-working on the mod in the section of this webpage. I addded few new things:

*Having Chupon using the famous skyrim's Dragon Shout (FUS RO DAH!!)
*Change the dialog between Cecil and Edgar (acting like preverts..):lol:

*Newer verison of Van(UPDATED)

*Added new names of Items,Rares,etc.

*Replaced Cid for Daryl

*currently updating testing the NEWEST VERISON will publish SOON!;)

Almost Done with Celes/Terra switch Mod

Sorry, it taking along time on alpha verison. If anyone who has the Beta Verison please be patient until the Alpha (final verison) comes out. 

also,soon as I'm done,I'm adding the You Fantasy  project in progress....

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